Beauty from Brokenness: The Hidden Chair

The stash lives in the corner of our basement.

Who knows what lives in the black plastic garbage bags and assorted boxes piled haphazardly “out of the way.”

Our college-aged daughter gifted us with the stash. She’s beautiful, but her stash…not so much.

Who am I?

As I walked by it today something caught the corner of my eye:

Hidden in the stash was this beautiful chair. A work of art she created with a friend from a discarded $4.00 thrift shop chair and cut up old magazines.

I dug it out of the stash…

Beautiful chair

chair 2.2 chair 3.2 chair 7I love it.

I want to absorb the words of it into my soul…

I am accepted.

I am redeemed and forgiven.

I have direct access to God through the Holy Spirit.

Yes, this is who I am…and who you are.  We are made to sit here in the presence of Beauty.

Won’t you have a seat with me for a minute?  🙂

Linda Crawford

Linda Crawford

© Linda Crawford 2013

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