The Face of Beauty: Lygon Stevens

I am a work of art, signed by God.

But He’s not done; in fact, He has just begun…I have on me the fingerprint of God. Never will there ever be another person like me. In all the world I have a job to do in this life that no other can do.

Can you see the fingerprint of God on me?

Lygon climbling

Lygon Stevens once carried my eight-year-old daughter. After a few bumps on her knees from tripping over shoes that were too big, a teen-age Lygon scooped her up and transformed her frustrated tears into joy.

She became a hero to me right then.

Lygon was a gentle, quiet girl who was amazingly strong in her devotion to the Lord and in her physical and mental ability to climb high–very high–mountains. Tragically lost in an avalanche in January of 2008, she would not be found until late June when the snows melted. Only her camera and journal were recovered by her climbing partner, her brother, who miraculously survived.  In Lygon’s journal, in addition to being able to read her last thoughts on earth, her family discovered the astounding beauty of her written words and her intimate relationship with the Lord.

It is my hope that whoever might read the pages in this small book would not see a victory won by greatness, or determination of self, or a uniqueness in a person that brings them to high heights…I can only Lygon journal hope that the reality of human frailty and the inability to do anything outside the will of the Lord God would be evident. This is not the account of the journeys of a young girl, no, it’s the message that that girl is allowed to write of the glory of the Lord God Almighty…He is the reason for living and for whom I will someday die. There is nothing without Him, no god beside Him, and only by Him was I chosen as a witness to tell the world of His great deeds.

I remember hearing her parents say at her funeral that they realized, through reading her writings, that Lygon was always more His than she was theirs. I personally cannot thank them enough for their generosity in sharing her words with us. Lygon was, and always will be, a Hero with a capital H.

She is the face of beauty in a life well-loved. A life well lived.

A legacy of a life well written, left for those of us to read who, as her mother Sarah said, “still have a peak to summit.”

The Time to Live is Now

The time to run and wake up every morning excited about what the world might throw your way is Lygon on mountainnow. The time to lay low in turmoil and humility before God is now. The time to seek and find, the time to change and learn is now…

Now is the time to live. Not tomorrow, not in ten minutes, not in twenty, not when you are good and ready. But don’t think you have to do this and become this — your full duty is to love the Lord so much you would lay down your life and value His will above the richest gain of earth…Be a desperate searcher. Yes, the time to live, and live truly, is now.

♥ In loving memory of Lygon and Sarah Stevens ♥

To order the book Cairns for the Climb from the journals of Lygon Stevens and to read more of her story click here to go to the Lygon Stevens Time to Live is NOW website.

Day of Discovery has produced a full-length documentary The Time to Live is NOW on Lygon’s life story. The links below are to the preview and the full 90 minute video.

Linda Crawford

6 thoughts on “The Face of Beauty: Lygon Stevens

  1. Reblogged this on Our Appalachia and commented:
    I have been so inspired by this girl’s life and her writings. I really recommend watching the documentary and ordering her book, which contains beautiful photography and excerpts of her journal. What a beautiful life story she has….~Beth

  2. Reading this young ladies story is so amazing. I thought that I was the only one in the world that lost one of Gods special children. lost my son to heart failure in 2009, and his life was an example of Christ, just like this young special lady. it’s so GREAT to see young people chasing after Gods heart. while reading about this young ladies life I felt the anointing of God so strongly. ALL I CAN SAY IS PRAISE GOD AND LIFE IS NOT LIVING UNTIL YOU COME TO KNOW JESUS, AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR.

  3. I have been experiencing a very difficult “Season” within these last few months. I carried anger, resentment, fear and anxiety. Yet, I was being nudged by the Holy Spirit to give this all to him. Yet, I was so taken up with the negative impact of these uninvited thoughts, I lost sight of my God….

    Watching this story about Lygon has renewed my heart again. Her incredible insight could be compared to Oswald Chambers, which I read daily. Her relationship with God was so intimate and personal, and yet I thank my God for her life and the privilege of understanding her relationship with our Creator through her writtings. What an incredible vessel she “is” to millions of people reading her journal. I have shared her story with a lot of people. They are curious and now want to watch this documentary for themselves.

    When I finished watching this a few days ago, I felt the heavy load in my heart lifted. This is what God was trying to tell me, with these deaf ears of mine, I couldn’t hear him speaking to me. It took Lygon’s life and story to remind me of how much God does love me, and that I am beautiful too. I am so humbled and thankful and blessed and rich even though I am poor, I am strong even though I have weakness, I am God’s precious daughter too. And Lygon’s life and her death was used to bring this daughter back home with a clearer understanding of who my God is. I loved the opening verse she quoted from,
    Habakkuk 3:6 (It brought immediate tears)
    He stood and shook the earth; he looked and made the nations tremble.
    That opening verse reminded me of how eternal my God is, and with this last verse of Habakkuk 3:19,

    God, my Lord, is my strength; he makes my feet swift as those of a deer and enables me to tread upon the heights.”

    Thank you God for Lygon Stevens and for blessing her to bless the ones that forgot who you really are.

    • Trish, what a beautiful testimony you have shared. Thank you so much for blessing me with it today. Lygon continues to be such an inspiration in my own life, and you also, shine the love and light of Jesus to the world. Thanking God for you today and for the blessing of your story.

  4. Linda, I have never heard a story like this. The opening with the verse from Habakkuk had me totally pulled in. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. And that was just the beginning of her story! When Nicklis questioned God as to “Why”.. I, in the last few weeks through this unbearable season started to say, ” I don’t need to know why”.. when Nicklis stated this in his conversation with God, I had such a lift in my heart, This was confirmation for me…I just couldn’t hear God’s whisper anymore until now. I have had this video for about a year, and I saw it the first time on Day of Discovery, I ordered it, but I didn’t watch it right away. So this year has been a trial, painful pruning from our Lord, and I still couldn’t connect the dots as to what he was trying to tell me. It took Lygon’s death, and her journal to open my deaf ears and blind eyes to hear God calling me from my own darkness.

    I teach an “RCIA makeup class” at my Parish on Saturday mornings. I want to share her story of “trusting God” for their lives and to have the wisdom, faith and discernment needed to live this life. To be brave and not afraid, to live their lives for God and make such a difference in this world.

    I thank God for everything…for He is all knowledge and wisdom, and we can know him just like Lygon did.

    Two of her entry dates were April 8th, my brother Jim;s birthday, who passed in 2002, and my husbands birthday, August 8th, who came through 4th stage colon cancer. There are no coincidences in this life. Christ orchestrates every moment in our lives… Simply trust Him as Lygon said…

    God bless!

  5. I only just came across Lygon’s story and am SO touched by her intimacy with the LORD. The little excerpts I’ve read and watched raises my own faith and opens my eyes afresh to His great love and goodness.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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