The Face of Beauty: Embracing the Gift of Our Days

Today’s Beauty Minute is from Reverend Verlee A. Copeland from First Parish Church in York, Maine,  excerpted from a weekly devotion written for her parishioners. Her words inspire us to embrace the aging beauty of our own faces and the gift of each and every day.

woman in window

There’s something sobering about living in a cemetery.

Every day when I stumble to the kitchen for a cup of steaming courage, the tombstones out back are the first things I see out the window. Though I haven’t paced it off, there are maybe 50 yards between me and these saints that have gone on to glory.

CemeteryThe stones stand up straight and look me in the eye everyday as if to say, “You’re next.”

But not yet. There stretches a pleasant space between me and the grave, a long, lovely slope of yard that ends in a tangle of bittersweet and trees as if to prolong the passing over to the other side. As my mother-in-law once said, “I’m not afraid to die. When that day comes, I’ll be ready to go home to Jesus. But I’m not homesick.”

You may think that your pastor is a bit morose this morning. On the contrary, it’s both sobering and energizing to acknowledge that these beautiful bodies we inhabit were created with a limited warranty. We do not know the day nor the hour when the gig will be up. Therefore, we have the great privilege of making the most of our days.

We rise every morning with deep and abiding gratitude for the precious and oh so fleeting gift of days. We ask ourselves, “What is it that God wants me to do with this sweet, short life?” Then, having asked that question as a prayer, we look for ways to be useful to God. God will reveal them to us when we pay attention.

There’s no sense living with regret over a past we cannot change. It’s gone to us. In like manner, wringing our hands over how we shall live tomorrow will just make us anxious and afraid.

Rather, receive this day as the gift from God that it is, for you. There will be no other like it.cemetery stone

It’s time to stop gazing at the cemetery, put on my shoes and quit the house.

Whatever you and I do with this sweet short day, let’s give it our all.

To God be the glory.

Rev. Dr. Verlee A. CopelandPastor Verlee Copeland



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