Writing in the White Space: The Colors of Faith

You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors.                                             James 1:3 MSG

As I  ponder this scripture I wonder, what are the colors of faith?

I head to the White Space, my creative writing and pondering place, to explore the images and words that spin out from the inspiration.

I start with BLUE.

And I simply write. No editing, no over-thinking, no fear.

Writing in the White Space I write for no audience, with no concern of whether others will “get it.” I write for the beauty of writing…something, anything, that captures the images of the holiness of blue…for me.


If you were to enter your White Space and write without fear, what holiness would you see in BLUE?

EVERY DAY, from today forward, you can link your own blog posts that tie to the theme of that day’s Beauty Minute post.


If you don’t have a blog go to the Facebook page and share there. We are all created to create, and when we create something that has never before been created, and could only be created through the uniqueness of us . . . beauty happens. And we create more beauty together–as a chorus, a field of wildflowers, a gallery of paintings, and a library full of books.

We are the Body of Christ, each a vital and beautiful part of the whole.

Linda CrawfordBLUE is beautiful.

Share your beauty.

Click the photos to read past writings in the white space:

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