Anything Can Happen: The Beauty of Bacon . . . and Cats

On your feet now — applaud God! Bring a gift of laughter, sing yourselves into his presence. Psalm 100:1-2 MSG

catCats and bacon have been invading my Facebook timeline.

Yes, this is dog

And a few dogs . . .

When my husband and daughter couldn’t stop laughing over “yes, this is dog,” a few weeks ago I finally asked, “whats a meem?”

More laughter.

Now you know why I still don’t twitter and have trouble operating the remote control for the space command media center in our basement.

Just in case there is one other person in the world who hasn’t heard of  “memes,” let me help you. A meme is defined as an idea or thought (image, joke, quote, symbol) that spreads from person to person (goes viral) and becomes popular.

Why does the joke, image, thought, or idea go viral?  Nobody’s been able to answer that question for me yet.

I’ve noticed that images of cats and bacon–anything bacon–have become particular obsessions for memologists, or meminators, or memaholocs . . . whatever they call themselves.

Bacon statsSo I had bacon on the brain last week when I went to a group of serious writers and asked for contributions for Anything Can Happen Thursday. Here’s how I explained it:

“This is an open day for anything…humor, maybe a bowl of ice cream, why you love bacon, some music, a painting of your cat…”

Here’s what one brave writer submitted:

Bacon poem 2

Mick Silva, a poem with a cat and bacon deserves its very own meme.  🙂

displeased scottish fold red cat on window portrait

Praying for the beauty of bacon and cats, smiles and laughter, to color your life beautiful today.

Linda Crawford

Are you a writer? In addition to being a amazing poet, 🙂 Mick is an amazing writing coach and shares an inspiring Monday Motivation for writers every week free at Your Writers Group.

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