Photo: The Banner

You planted a flag to rally your people, an unfurled flag to look to for courage. Psalm 60:4 MSG

balcony bannerThis picture from Wednesday night of this week inspired a question that turned into one of the most beautiful and meaningful beauty moments of my week. I shared the conversation below on Facebook, and it seemed to inspire others as well.

So I’ll share the beauty with you. May it bless you as it has me.


bannerQuestion to hubby: “What’s the meaning of the banner they hang over the balcony before the pope appears?”

Hubby: “Flags were invented because from a distance you can’t see where your commander is in battle. They mark his presence.”

Holy Spirit:

“My banner over you is LOVE.”


Are you in a battle today?

Linda CrawfordLook for the colors of God’s flag!

Praying for those of you in the midst of a battle. 🙂

Linda Crawford




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