Meet Linda

Hi friend,

hot chocolateThanks for wanting to get to know me. I wish we could sit over a hot mocha latte (my favorite) and talk, but I guess we’ll have to settle for whatever beverage is by your side and mine right now. (Hot chocolate with peppermint creamer for me).

What can I tell you? I’m a broken, fraidy-cat, and sometimes stumbling follower of Jesus. And I thank God every day for those imperfections, because only through the grace, love and beauty of His perfection am I able to be healed.

I’ve known intense pain, and intense joy. I’ll pick the joy over the pain any day, but truthfully, it’s the pain that’s transformed me. And it’s the pain that’s gifted me with the ability to recognize and savor the beauty and joy available in life–even when life looks and feels anything but beautiful.

There’s a lot to share about healing, beauty, joy, and becoming in the overcoming. How long do you have to listen? 🙂

Here’s the gist of it: Beauty is God’s handwriting, and it’s healing me.

It can heal you too.

I’m praying Beauty Minute ministers beauty, life and joy to you… and I mean it, I really pray for you.

What about you? Tell me about your beauty minutes, and if you like, tell me about your pain. I’m here to listen and pray for you, and I’m so blessed to be sitting next to you.

Let’s read God’s beauty–God’s handwriting–together shall we?

Linda Crawford

Linda Crawford

You can read more about me by clicking here to visit my website.

Or check out my blog: coloring life beautiful

If you’re interested, here’s a little “Professional” Info:

I’m a published author, freelance writer, speaker, and licensed occupational therapist.

As a writer, I’ve authored Bible studies and women’s ministry resources with Group Publishing since 2005. I have published articles in national ministry magazines and blogs, and led national small group and volunteer ministry training workshops, women’s retreats, and women’s ministry trainings.

The ministry resources I’ve contributed to, as well as my two Bible studies: Finding Balance  and A Taste of Freedom,  are available from Group Publishing.

As I continue on my healing journey, I’m working on my memoir, exploring the creative process of writing, and freelancing for Group Publishing.

2 thoughts on “Meet Linda

  1. I found your blog by researching the story of Lygon Stevens. I am challenged to find my walk again but as true as she did. I listened to the song on her blog page “I will never leave you” can u tell me who sings that???

    • Michelle, that song is so amazing and has ministered to me in my darkest hours and toughest times in life. It’s from the CD “Hidden in my Heart” by Scripture Lullabies and if you send your address to me at I would be so blessed to send you one. I keep a supply on hand to bless others with because the music has so profoundly ministered to me. Keep climbing. Keep living near. Keep reaching for the summit.

      God bless you fellow climber. Blessed to share the trek with you. 🙂

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