The Face of Beauty: Those Who Dare Greatly



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LOVE in the Face of EvilThe Legacy of Lygon StevensEvery Tuesday for the last 3 months I have shared a face of beauty–those who have put the beauty of God on display in my life.

There have been dear friends, the Pope, LOVE in the face of evil, and even my dog.

I wish I could share with you ALL the faces of those who display the beauty of God in my life. So many, who dare greatly to serve Him and reveal His love and grace to the world. But I know you see them, because they are all around you in your life too.

So as I say goodbye here, and lay down blogging to turn to walk the less traveled road the Lord has called me to, I have one last face of beauty to share with you. We just happened to bump into each other yesterday as we were crossing paths in the road…

I’m turning right, she’s going left.

I was writing my farewell blog post of yesterday, and she had just written her very FIRST blog post. We both wrote about the less-traveled road.

This was no accidental, meant to be brushed off, “hey watch where you are going” collision of the shoulders. As I read the comment she wrote on my post and then read her blog, I knew God wanted me to stop and look her in the face. See who she was. Hear her story. Listen to her voice.

We’re turning in different directions, but we each have a baton to pass to the other. Mine is encouragement for her as she starts her writing journey. She passes me the courage, along with the spirit of youthful faith, that will sustain me when I start to feel too old for such a change!

ArikaTake a look at the beautiful face of Arika.

She sings for the Lord. Writes of her journey. Smiles. Puts God’s beauty on display.

She dares greatly.

To walk her less traveled path.

Stop for a moment today. See her. Listen to her sing.

Encourage her.

And encourage all whose shoulders you bump into, who are daring greatly to walk into the beauty of the road less traveled.

And dare greatly to walk your own.

salt and sparkleRead Arika’s first blog post: Finding Beauty in It All

Listen to Arika’s first song: Think About It

Like Arika’s Facebook fan page

Keep on sharing the beauty! Keep on sharing the love!

Looking forward to bumping into YOU someday when our paths cross again. 🙂

Linda CrawfordLinda Crawford